Pre-Owned Tanks & Equipment

Raw Milk Silo

117 000L Raw Milk Silo Pre-Owned Tank

High Shear Mixing Tank

1000L Single Shell High Shear Mixing Tank Pre-Owned

Double O Cheese Vat

3000L Double O Cheese Vat, comes complete with Overhead double mixing blades Pre-Owned

Milk Silos

30 000L Insulated Milk Silos with Cooling Jackets Pre-Owned

6000L Cheese Vat

6 000L Cheese Vat Comes complete with overhead stirrers and cutting blades Pre-Owned

500L Mixing Trolly

500L Mixing Trolly Comes complete with motor & trolly

1000L Sq Tank

1000L Square Tank Pre-Owned

2000L Tank

2000L Storage Tank Pre-Owned

3000L Tank

3000L Mixing Tank Pre-Owned

3000L Tank

3000L Elevated Mixing tank with conical bottom Pre-Owned

4000L Tank

4000L Tank Pre-Owned

4000L Tank - C2494000991

4000L Elevated Tank Pre-Owned

5000L Tank - C2494000759

5000L Mixing Tank

30000L Tank - C2294000085

30000L Silo Pre-Owned